VTU Previous Question Papers BE 6th Semester EC Microprocessor July 2009

VTU Previous Question Papers BE 6th Semester EC

Microprocessor July 2009


Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June-July 2009 Microprocessor

Note: 1. Answer any five full questions, selecting at least two questions from each part.

2. Standard notations are used.

3. Missing data be suitably assumed.


1. (a)Draw the internal architecture of the 8086 and explain. Brietly explain the flag register.

(b). Explain the transient program area (TPA) and system area of a personal computer.


2. Write an ALP to multiply two 32 bit numbers stored in consecutive memory locations and store the result in the memory.


(b) Differentiate between Direct program memory addressing, Relative Program  memory  addressing and Indirect program memory addressing with one or two e


(c) If DS = AB30H, CS = 8920H, SS = 2BOIH, BP = 2D45H. SP =130H, SI = 1234H ons.

DI = 4356H then determine the physical address of the following ins i) MOV IBP + DI + 5J, AH    ii) MOV AL, [5036HJ


3. Explain the following string instructions:

(i) MOVSB ( ii) Repeat Prefix (REP) (iii) Rl8W ( iv)SCASB  (v)CMPS.


(b). Write an ALP to convert lowercase to uppercase using modular programming approach. Use two far procedures one for reading from keyboard and one for displaying.


4. (a) Explain the following DOS system : int21H functions:


i)        1 NT 21H, Function 00; H

ii)       1NT 21H, Function 08H

iii)      INI’ 21H, Function OAH

iv)     1NT 21H, Function 2BH

v)       1NT 21H, Function 2DH


(b) Draw the pin-out of the 8259 A programmable Interrupt controller (PIC) and describe each Pin


 5. (a) Explain Isolated and Memory – Mapped I/O.

(b) Explain about the following I/O

(i) in with fixed Address             (ii) IN with variable address     (iii) INSB

(iv) out with fixed address           (v) OUTSV

(c)Explain the programmable peripheral interface (PPI) with command bytes of the command the 82C55.


6. Draw the internal structure of 80 x 87 arithmetic coprocessor and explain.

(b) Explain the following 8087 coprocessor instructions:

(i) FSQRT; ii) FSTP; iii) F SCALE; iv) F RNDINT; v) F COM


7. Write short notes on the following:

(i) Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) (ii) Parallel printer interface (LPT).

(b) Explain the Universal Serial Bus (USB) with PIN configuration, USB Data, USB


8. (a)Write a note on Pentium microprocessor.

(b) Explain about special 80386 registers.


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