VLSI Testing Syllabus NIT Jalandhar

VLSI Testing Syllabus NIT Jalandhar

 EC-467 VLSI Testing [3 0 0 3]


Introduction -Scope of testing and verification in VLSI design process. Problem in analog and digital testing. Logic simulation & Fault modelling: Circuit Modelling Compiled simulation Event-driven simulation. Simulation Techniques. Fault detection and redundancy. Fault equivalence and fault dominance. Stuck-at faults bridging faults, transistor faults, delay faults etc. Fault Detection using Boolean Difference. Path Sensitization Fault Collapsing.


Testing Algorithm for Combinational Circuits: Introduction to combinational circuit, Problems in
combinational circuit testing,D- Algorithm, Boolean Difference, Podem; Random, Deterministic and Weighted Random Test Pattern Generation; ATPG Testing Generation for Sequential Circuit: . Models of Sequential Circuits, State Table Method, Self Initializing Test Sequences, Undetectability, Distinguishing and Synchronizing Sequences. Complexity Sequential ATPG


PLA Testing: Cross Point Fault Model and Test Generation, PAL Testing
Memory Testing: Different method of memory testing, Marching Tests; Delay Faults; BIST BIST for testing of logic and memories 

Recent Trends in VLSI Testing

Books Recommended

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