UPTU Previous Year Question Papers Bio separation Process 2006-07

UPTU Previous Year Question Papers

B Tech 8th Semester

Bio separation Process 2006-07


 Note : (1) Attempt all questions

(2) All questions carry equal marks.

 1. Attempt any four parts of the following:

(a) What are the basic features of biological systems?

(b) Give selection criteria for down stream processing of a fermentation product.

(c) Mention various unit operations used in the recovery and purification of a fermented product.

(d) Give the main characteristics of bioproducts.

(e) Discuss post fermentation treatment of the broth.

(f)  Write short note on ‘flocculation’.


2. Attempt any four parts of the following:

(a) What are the various operations used for solid liquid separation in a fermented broth?

(b) How will you improve the rate of filtration for a given batch of material?

(c) Briedly discuss the working principle of rotary drum vaccum filter with the help of a neat sketch.

(d) How wil you compare the performance of different size of centrifuges?

(e) Give the principle of centrifugation and mechanism of disc-bowl centrifuge.

(f)  Briefly discuss the various types of centrifuges used in the fermentation industries.


3. Attempt any two parts of the following:

(a) Give the main steps involved in the separation and purification of an intracellular product from the fermented broth. Discuss various methods of cell disruption with suitable examples.

(b) How will you distinguish different types of membrane filtration processes on the basis of force driving the transport through the membrane? Define retention coefficient for pressure driven membrane operations.

(c) What are the various external forces affecting the membrane performance? Differentiate cross-flow and dead-end filtration. Give the various categories of module design of membranes.


4. Attempt any two parts of the following:

(a) Give the criteria by which partition in aqueous two phase systems may be measured. Give the advantages of continuous aqueous two phase extraction over batchwise operation.

(b) Discuss the various methods of protein precipitation. What are the various parameters that determine the solubility of proteins?

(c) Give the principle of fixed bed adsorption. Discuss adsorption isotherms.


5. Attempt any two parts of the following:

(a) Discuss various chromatographic tecniques for protein separation with their principles. Also mention some matrices used for large-scale chromatography.

(b) Define ion-exchange and principe of ion-exchange chromatography. Mention the applications of ion- exchangers.

(c) Write short notes on :

(i)  Electrophoresis

(ii)  Affinity chromatography.


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