UPTU Previous Year Question Papers BE 6th Semester Information System

UPTU Previous Year Question Papers

BE 6th Semester

Information System

Note :  Attempt all questions.

1  Attempt any four from the following :   

(a) Explain information system in detail giving its complete structure.

(b) Explain when a management information system is said to be as balanced.

(c)  Explain Decision Support system in detail. How does it differ from an MIS ?

(d) Explain how information system is useful in solving business problems?

(e)  Write in short about various information systems and their applications.

(f)  How do you evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of a Management Information System.

2  Attempt any two from following :

(a) What is system analysis? Explain DFD and Data Dictionary with the help of a suitable example.

(b)  Explain various testing techniques in detail. How do you insure quality?

(c)  What is Feasibility study? Explain in detail. Also explain SRS in detail. Give distribution of efforts in various phases of system development.

3 Attempt any two from the following :    

(a) Explain software implementation and software maintenance phase in detail. What is decision tree analysis and how can it be used in S/W or H/W selection.

(b) Explain E-commerce in detail alongwith application of IT in business.

(c)  Explain Intranet, Extranet, and Internet giving their applications.

4   Attempt any two of the following : 

(a) What are firewalls? Explain security issues in detail.

(b) What are various ethical challenges? Explain.

(c)  Explain global management scenario.

5 Attempt any two of the following : 

(a) What is ERP? How it is useful to business ? Explain.

(b) What do you mean by supply chain management? Explain the same with suitable example.

(c) How Customer Relationship Management is helpful for business? Explain.

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