UPTU Previous Year Question Papers B Tech 2nd Semester Professional Communication-2 2006-07

UPTU Previous Year Question Papers B Tech 2nd Semester

Professional Communication-2 2006-07



(i)  Attempt all questions.

(ii) Follow the instructions while attempting questions on literature based on Text book

 1.  Attempt any two of the following questions :

(a) Comment on the difference between technical writing and general writing.

(b) Write in brief the maj or characteristics of technical written communication.

(c) Write short notes on “Coherence” and ‘Unity’ as pre-requisites of scientific and technical communication.


2.  Attempt one of the following questions :

(a) Comment on the general principles of business correspondence.

(b) Prepare a model resume’ of a fresh engineering graduate (invent the necessary details yourself).


3.  Attempt any two questions :

(a) Explain ‘Skimming Method’ of Reading Comprehension.

(b) Draft the ‘title page’ of a business proposal (invent necessary details yourself).

(c) Write short notes on ‘Intonation’.


4. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Who should be responsible for correcting the adverse effect of technology?

The rapid diffusion of detergents used in home washing machines and

dishwashers intensified water purification problems all over the United States.

The decisions to launch detergents on the society were privately taken, but the

side effects have resulted in costs borne by the taxpayer and (in the form of

lower water quality) by the consumer at large.


(a) Find out the topic sentence of the paragraph

(b) Which method of technical written communication has been applied in developing the idea of the paragraph?

(c) Has balance been used for emphasis? If it has 2 been give examples from the paragraph.


5. Explain with reference to the context any two of  10 the following passages :

(a) One step in the right direction would be to create a technological ombudsman – a public agency charged with receiving, investigating, and acting on complaints having to do with the irresponsible application of technology.

(b) In the past the risks taken in the name of technological progress-boiler explosions on the first streamboats, or the early injuries from radium – were restricted to a small place and a short time. The new hazards are neither local nor brief. Air pollution covers vast areas. Fallout is worldwide. Synthetic chemicals may remain in the soil for years.

(c) Scenes of crime and violence appear to make little or no impression on normal children, whose chief concern is that the story should end satisfactorily, with the down fall of the criminals. Indeed many psychologists and educationists believe that (provided they are not horrific) they have a beneficial effect, providing a harmless outlet for aggressive emotions.


6.  Attempt any four questions either from Part A or Part B. All questions carry equal marks :



(a) Write 200 words on ‘The Marlin.

(b) Comment on Santiago – Manolin relationship.

(c) Comment on allegory in The Old Man and the Sea

(d) “The Old Man and the Sea is a symbolic interpretation of the vital aspects of life.” Discuss.

(e) “The characters of the novel The Old Man and the Sea are seen in context with action.” Comment.

(f)  “The hero in the novel The Old Man and the sea bears the stamp of the personality of the writer.” Discuss.



From “Nineteen eighty four”
(a) Consider ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ as a satirical work.
(b) Comment on symbolic situation in Nineteen Eighty Four.
(c) Consider “Nineteen Eighty Four’ as a political novel.
(d) Comment on ‘Suspense’ in the novel Nineteen Eighty Four.
(e) Write 200 words on the character of O’Brien.
(0 Comment on the relationship between Winston and Julia.
Mark ‘ Stress’ on any five of the following words : 1 x5=
(a) August
(b) Contract
(c) Perfect
(d) Progress
(e) Subject
(0 Anything
(g) Backbone

(h) Daybreak.


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