UPTU Previous Question Papers B Tech 8th Semester Transport Phenomenon 2006-07

UPTU Previous Question Papers

B Tech 8th Semester Transport Phenomenon 2006-07


Note : Answer all questions.

1. Answer all parts of the question :

(a) Describe the molecular transport phenomena 5 in bioprocess.

(b) What is Newton’s law of viscosity? Give 5 variation of viscosity with temperature for gasses and liquids.

(c) If the equation of a velocity profile over a 10 plat is V=3 y2/3 in which V is the velocity in meter/sec. at a distance y meters above the plate. Determine the shear stress y = 0 & y = 5 cm. Take viscosity 8.4 poise.


2. Answer all parts of the question :

(a) Describe the velocity, temperature and concentration profile in transport of fluid.


 (a) What is continuity equation ? Derive it.

(b) The temperature profile at a particular location 10 in a thermal boundary layer is prescribed by an expression of the form: t(y) = A – By + Cy2 Where A, B and C are constants. Set up an expression for the corresponding heat transfer co-efficient?

(c) Discuss the analogy between mass, momentum 5 and heat transfer in bioprocess.


3. Answer all parts of the question :

(a) State the Euler’s equation. Derive Bernoulli’s 10 equation from Euler’s equation.

(b) Derive the Navier-Stroke equations.


(b) A pipe, through which water is flowing, is 10 having diameter, 20 cm and 10 cm at the cross section 1 and 2 respectively. The velocity of water at section 1 is given 4.0 m/s. Find the velocity head at section 1 and 2 also rate of discharge.


4. Answer all parts of the question.

(a) Differentiate between the mechanism of heat 10 transfer by free and forced convection. What forces control the fluid motion? Give the suitable examples to illustrate your answer.

(b)    Helium diffuses through a plane plastic membrane 1 mm thick. The concentration of helium in the membrane is 0.02 k mol/m3 at the inner surface and 0.05 k mol/m3 at outer surface. If the binary diffusion coefficient of helium w.r. to the plastic is 10′9 m/s. What is the diffusion flux of helium through the plastic ?


5. Answer all parts of the questions :

(i)  Discuss the macroscopic momentum balances 10 in bioprocess.

(ii) Discuss the energy and mass transfer in 10 laminar and turbulent flow with application to interphase.


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