UPTU Previous Question Papers B Tech 6th Semester Plant Biotechnology 2006-07

UPTU Previous Question Papers

B Tech 6th Semester Plant Biotechnology 2006-07


Note : Attempt all questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

1 (a) Describe the concept of cellular toti potency.

(b) What are the minimum facilities needed for the development of a plant tissue culture set up?

(c) What is somatic embryogenesis? How it is different from zygotic embryogenesis?

(d) Name five growth regulators used in plant tissue culture


2.(a) What are somaclonal variations? How these are beneficial in crop improvement?

(b) What are secondary metabolites? Name the different categories of plant secondary metabolites.

(c) Name the culture system used for the production of secondary metabolites in vitro.

(d) Differentiate between the terms meristem culture and suspension culture.


3.Write short notes on (any four)

(a) BT Cotton

(b) Plants as bioreactor

(c) Genetically modified plants

(d) Organ culture

(e) Media composition for tissue culture

(f)  Callus regeneration


4. (a) Name four different methods of gene transfer in plants

(b) Differentiate between transgene and transgenic plants.

(c) What are different Agrobacterium based vectors?

(d) Name different selectable marker and reporter genes used in genetic transformation protocols.


5. (a) Name the scientists who first reported the production of haploid plant through anther culture.

(b) What are the most defining benefits of anther culture?

(c) Name the source used for protoplast isolation? What is the role of cell wall degrading enzymes during protoplast isolation.

(d) What are the various steps involved in micro­propagation of a plant species?


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