UPTU Previous Exam Paper Computer Applications

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UPTU Previous Exam Paper Computer Applications


Time : 2 Hours

Total Marks : 50

Note : Attempt all the questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Attempt any two parts :      6×2=12

(a) Explain in brief the internal architecture of a computer system.

(b) Define the following terms and explain its uses.

(i) TCP/IP Protocol

(ii) WWW

(iii) HTML

(iv) Router

(v) Gateway.

(c) Define the terms – software compatibility and hardware compatibility. What role have they played in the evolution of computers?

2. Attempt any two parts :      6×2=12

(a) What is an Operating System? What are its functions? What are the various components of an O.S?

(b) Explain the purpose of following MS-DOS commands

(i) rd fruit

(ii) Vsafe

(iii) buffers

(iv) Erase

(v) copy c:\config.sys. a

(vi) copy c:\autoexec.bat.

(c) Explain the various methods that can be used to free disk space in MS-DOS.

3. Attempt any two parts :    6×2=12

(a) Explain the basic features of windows 2000 operating system.

(b) Explain the steps to connect your computer to a local area networking windows O.S.

(c) Explain the function of following :

(i) Control Panel

(ii) Print Manager

4. Answer any four parts : 3.5×4=14

(a) (i) Define HTTP and FTP.

(ii) Explain how the hard disk of a computer can be shared by other computers on the network.(b) (i) Explain the procedure for setting up a printer.

(ii) How a toolbar in a window can be displayed ?

(c) (i) How a file or folder can be renamed in windows?

(ii) What is FAT32? Explain.

(d) (i) Explain how mail merge works?

(ii) Suppose one wants to replace a particular word with another word. Explain how it can be done in MS word.

(e) (i) Explain the operation of spell check in MS-word.

(ii) What are auto commands in MS-word ?

(f) (i) Suppose one wants to check whether a letter typed by him is grammatically correct in MS-Word. How it can be done?

(ii) How tables and charts are created in MS-Word?

UPTU Previous Exam Paper Computer Applications

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