UPTU Past Question Papers B Tech 6th Semester Fermentation Biotechnology-2 2006-07

UPTU Past Question Papers B Tech 6th Semester

Fermentation Biotechnology-2 2006-07

Note : Attempt all questions.

1.  (a) ‘Acetic acid can be produced by both surface culture and submerged process’ – Describe and compare the two process.

(b) Write down the commercial application of the protease enzyme.


1 (a) What are the microorganisms produce a -amylase?

(b) Discuss briefly the production of a -amylase  from bacteria.

(c) Write down the application of a -amylase in different industry.

(d) How can you isolate a -amylase producing  strain from soil sample ?


2. (a) What do you mean by ‘single cell protein’?  Indicate advantages and disadvantages of single cell protein when it is used as food source?

(b) Discuss about the raw material selection and production process of commercial production of single cell protein.


What is biofertilizers? Discuss the fermentative production of rhizobium and blue green algae.


3 (a) ‘Inoculum development is an essential step for large scale production of antibiotic’ – Explain the statement taking tetracycline as a reference.

(b) Discuss different stages of streptomycin fermentation process.

(c) ‘Pellet type growth is favoured during inoculum development of penicillin production.’ Explain.


 3 (a) Glutamic acid production depends on the concentration of biotin present in the media. – Comment.

(b) Describe commercial production of tetracycline indicating nutrients used, fermentation parameters and down stream processing.


4. Discuss the production process of white wine, indicating raw materials used, fermentation conditions and parameters.


(a)   How continuous fermentation process is employed for the production of beer?

(b) How pure culture of yeast is maintained in brewing industry?


5. (a) What is bio surfactant? “Pollution caused by liberation of hydrocarbon in the environment can be prevented by bio conversion of hydrocarbon to biosurfactant – Discuss.

(b) How recombinant DNA technology is employed for the production of hepatitis B vaccine? Discuss the advantage of the same.


5. Give brief discussions on the following :

(a) Bioprocess economics

(b) Extra cellular polysaccharides and its commercial importance.


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