UPTU Old Year Question Papers Printing Ink Technology 2006-07

UPTU Old Year Question Papers

VIII Semester PT Examination 2006-07

Printing Ink Technology


B. Tech. Paint Technology

Note : Attempt any ten questions.

All questions carry equal marks. Question no. 1 is compulsory.


1    Identify the process of printing used in the printing of question-paper and answer-book in your hand. Justify your observations logically.

2    Draw neat schematic diagrams of gravure and lithographic printing process.

3    Discuss the classification of printing inks.

4    Describe the drying mechanisms associated with different kind of printing inks.

5    Compare the manufacturing of liquid inks to that of paste inks.

6    Describe various machines used for letterpress and offset printing.

7    What kind of jobs are performed by offset and screen printing process?

8    Discuss the concept of multicolour process printing.

9    Differentiate between flexographic and gravure printing process.

10 Outline a formulation for an ink to be used on poly-ethylene pouches for packing of milk.

11 List out the guidelines for controlling scumming and set­off in the printing industry.

12 Which process of printing is used for printing of metallic sheets? Give a suitable formulation of an ink for the printing of sheets for Beer-Cans.

13 What would be your recommendations for the printing ink to be used on medical disposables?

14 How would you test and evaluate a pigment for its use in printing ink to be used for detergent cake wrappers?

15 How the consumption of an ink can be estimated for different surfaces using different printing processes?


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