Testpapers of Andhra University BTech Computer Science & Engineering – Computer Networks

Test papers of Andhra University

B Tech Computer Science & Engineering –

Computer Networks

Forth Year – First Semester


Effective from the admitted batch of 2004-2005

Time: 3 hrs
Max Marks: 70

First Question is Compulsory

Answer any four from the remaining questions

All Questions carry equal marks

Answer all parts of any question at one place

1 .a) Write the three phases of Circuit Switching.
b) What is a Datagram?
c) What are the ATM Service categories?
d) What do you understand by Random Routing?
e) What are the functions of a Bridge?
f) List the requirements for an an Internetworking facility
g) What does UDP provide that is not provided by IP

2.a) Distinguish among Circuit switching. Packet switching and Virtual Circuit Packet Switching Techniques.
b) What are the relative merits and demerits of Frame relay compared to X25.

3. a) List and briefly explain the fields in an ATM cell.
b) Find the least cost path using Dijkstra’s algorithm for the packet switching network shown below with link costs.

4. a) Write the effects of congestion in data networks. Briefly explain the congestion control
b) Briefly explain the operation of Cellular Systems.

5. a) List four common LAN topologies and briefly describe their methods of operation.
b) Distinguish among the following with respect to their characteristics.

10BASE5    10BASE2     10BASE-T     10BASE-FP


6. a) Explain the function of the three flags in the IPv4 header. How is the IPv4 header checksum calculated?
b) Using a neat sketch, explain the Internet protocol operation with brief design issues.

7. a) What is meant by multicasting? Give the requirements for multicasting.
b) Write the addressing elements needed to specifr a target transport service (IS) user. Describe four strategies by which a sending TS user can learn the address of a receiving TS user.

8. Write short notes on the following:
a) HTTP b) TCP Mechanisms
c) Difference between HUB and Layer2 Switch d) Wireless LAN

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