Telecommunication-Switching and Networks Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar



Telecommunication-Switching and Networks

Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


 Telecommunication-Switching and Networks 


Telecommunications Transmission: Basic Switching System, Simple Tele-phone Communication, evolution of switching systems -Stronger switching systems Switching Used in telecommunications cross bar switching, Electronic Switching – Space Division
Switching, Time Division Switching –Time Division space switching, Time Division Time Switching, Time multiplexed space switching, Time multiplexed Time Switching, Combination Switching
Control of Switching Systems: Call processing functions, common control, stored program control (For all type of switching systems)


Speech Digitization and Transmission: Quantization Noise, Companding, Differential Coding, Vocodors, Pulse Transmission, Line Coding, NRZ and RZ Codes, Manchester Coding, AMI Coding, Walsh Codes, TDM.

Traffic Engineering: Grade of Service and Blocking Probabity – Telephone Networks, Subscriber Loops, Switching Hierchy and Routing, Transmission Plans and Systems, Signaling Techniques, In Channel,Common Channel.


Telephone Networks and Signaling: Introduction, subscriber loops systems, switching hierarchy,
transmission and numbering plans, common channel signaling principles, CCITT signaling systems.

Data Networks: Data transmission in PSTNs, Switching Techniques for data transmission, Data
communication architecture, Satellite based Data networks

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