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RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 6th Sem 2017

Computer Networks Unit-1 Network layer-design issue, routing algorithms: Distance vector, link state, hierarchical, Broadcast routing. Congestion control: congestion prevention policies, congestion control in Datagram subnets, load shedding, jitter control, Leaky bucket and token bucket...


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 5th Sem 2017

Computer Architecture Unit-1 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization. Von Neuman Architecture,  Flynn  Classification. Register Transfer and Micro operations: Register transfer language, Arithmetic Micro-operations, Logic Micro-operations, Shift Micro-operations, Bus and memory  transfers. Computer Organization ...


RTU Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 4th Sem 2017

Microprocessor And Interfaces Unit-1 Introduction to Microprocessors, microcontroller; 8085 Microprocessor Architecture, pin description, Bus concept and organization; concept of multiplexing and demultiplexing   of buses; concept of static and dynamic RAM,  type of ROM, memory...