RGPV Syllabus Of Mining Engineering BE 3rd Semester

Material Science Crystal Atoms of Solid: Structure of atom binding in solids metallic, space lattice and crystal system arrangement of atoms in BCC, FCC and HCP crystal. Mechanical , Electrical , thermal , Magnetic & optical Properties of materials Types of materials . Plastic deformations of metals: Point and line defects in crystals, their relation … Read more

RGPV Syllabus Of Electrical Engineering BE 8th Semester

Power System Analysis & Control Course Contents Unit-I General – Problems associated with modern interconnected power Systems, deregulation, power systems restructuring, distributed generation, congestion, available transfer capacities, pricing of energy and transmission services. Unit-II Power flow studies – Formulation of static power flow equations and solutions using Gauss- Seidel, Newton Raphson and FDLF methods, comparison … Read more

RGPV Syllabus Of Electrical Engineering BE 7th Semester

EE-7001 High Voltage Engineering Unit-I Introduction:- Introduction to HV technology, advantages of transmitting electrical power at high voltages, need for generating high voltages in laboratory. Important applications of high voltage. Unit-II Breakdown phenomena:- Classification of HV insulating media, Properties of important HV insulating media. Gaseous dielectrics: Ionizations: primary and secondary ionization processes. Criteria for gaseous … Read more