RGPV Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engineering-Engineering Geology 2012

RGPV Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engineering Engineering Geology 2012     B E III semester(civil engineering) Examination oct-nov. 2012 ENGINEERING GEOLOGY UNIT-I Q.1 (a) Discuss the structure of the Earths Crust (b) Geological work of river. OR Q. 2 (a) Write notes on the following. (a) Hydrologic cycle (b) Water table (c) Glacial … Read more

JNTU Previous year Question paper, B-Tech Supplementary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008 English

JNTU Previous year Question paper B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008 ENGLISH SET-II 1. Why do you feel it necessary to have a knowledge of heavenly bodies? 2. Describe the works undertaken by Dr. Kalam at DTD&P(Air). 3. Describe Datta and his Modern Frame works? 4. Describe the role played by Dr. Brahm Prakash in Indian … Read more

JNTU Previous Question Papers BE-Supplementary English Aug/Sep-2008

JNTU Previous Question Papers BE-SupplementaryEnglish Aug/Sep-2008, Set-IV   1. Do the opinions of Aristotle and Ptolemy agree or differ from Copernicu’s and Galileo’s ? How?   2. Describe what transpired at the meeting between Kalam and Vikram Sarabhai at the Hotel Asoka.   3. How did Datta escape from his situation?   4. ‘To succeed … Read more