CSVTU Exams Question Papers – BE II SEM – Basic Civil Engineering – 2009

BE (2nd Semester) Examination,Nov-Dec -2009 Basic Civil Engineering Q1)  (a) Give the initial and final setting times of ordinary Portland cement. (b) Write the names & functions of various essential and harmful ingredients in brick earth .How bricks are classified? (c) Give short notes on:- (i) Physical & chemical classification of stones (ii)Uses of white cement … Read more

CSVTU Exams question Papers – BE I Year – Applied Chemistry – Nov- Dec- 2006-07

BE (1st Semester) Examination, Nov-Dec  2006-2007                                                                                                 Applied Chemistry UNIT- I 1. (a) Write the chemical reactions with formula for EDTA complex ometricitration for determination of hardness and water. Attempt three questions: (i) What do you mean by internal conditioning of boiler feed water? (ii) Explain with chemical reactions involved and quality of lime soda for 1 … Read more

CSVTU Previous Exams papers-B-Tech Applied Chemistry-Nov–Dec-2007

CSVTU Previous Exams papers-B-Tech Applied Chemistry-Nov–Dec-2007  BE (1st Semester) Applied Chemistry UNIT-I   1. (a)What is the different between carbonate conditioning and phosphate conditioning ? Attempt any two questions : (b)Explain with equation- and calculate the amount of lime and soda required for softening one million  liters of Water containing: Free acid = 1.5 ppm … Read more