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NIT Raipur 3rd Sem CSE Syllabus

NIT-RAIPUR III SEM CSE SYLLABUS COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS   UNIT I- ERRORS AND ROOTS OF EQUATIONS Errors in numerical computation, Error type, analysis and estimation, Error propagation, Roots of algebraic and transcendental equations, Bisection Method,...


NIT Raipur Syllabus 5th Sem Biomedical Engineering

NIT-RAIPUR V SEM BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING SYLLABUS Subject:-BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENTS   Unit I- Defibrillators & concepts of coronary care Basics, AC defibrillators, DC defibrillators, capacitance discharge and delay line capacitance discharge, defibrillator waveforms, electrodes used with defibrillators:...