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NIT Raipur IV Sem Mining Syllabus

NIT-RAIPUR MINING ENGINEERING SYLLABUS   SYLLABUS   Name of Subject: Mining Environment-I Subject Code: MI20411(MI) Semester: B.Tech. IV Sem. Board of Studies: Mining Engg. Maximum Marks: 70 Minimum Marks: 25 Lecture Periods/Week Tutorial Periods/Week Practical...


NIT Raipur Computer Fundamentals and IT Syllabus

NIT RAIPUR COMPUTER FUNDAMENTAL & IT SYLLABUS     1. Working with Windows Operating system:   a. Working with Windows desktop, start icon, taskbar, Recycle Bin, My Computer icon The Recycle Bin and deleted files...


NIT Raipur 1st Year Engineering Graphics Syllabus

NIT-RAIPUR ENGINEERING GRAPHICS SYLLABUS   Name of the Subject Engineering Graphics Subject Code ME101 Semester I & II Board of Studies Mechanical Engg. Maximum Marks ESE-70 Minimum Marks Lecture Periods/Week Tutorial Periods/Week Practical Periods/Week Credits:...