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JNTU Exam Papers II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY,November 2008

 B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, November 2008ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY( Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics &Instrumentation Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Electronics &Control Engineering, Electronics & Telematics, Electronics & ComputerEngineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering) SET...


CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Basic Electrical Engineering – 2006-07

                                                                          BE (I Year)                                                                    Examination -2006-07                                                                Basic Electrical Engineering Q1 (a) Use nodal analysis method to find currents In the various...


CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Applied Physics – I – April-May 2009

                                                                      BE (I Year )                                                          Examination-April-May 2009                                                                   Applied Physics-I   Values of some useful physical constants . Speed of light ‘c’                              = 3×108m/sec Planks constant’h’                        = 6.62×10″34Jsec Charge of electron...


CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Applied Physics – I – Dec-Jan 2008-09

                                                                      BE ( I year )                                                            Examination-Dec-Jan 2008-09                                                                   Applied Physics-I Q1 (a) At what the...