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CSVTU Exam Question Papers – BE I Year – Basic Mechanical Engineering – 2009

BE (2nd Semester) Examination -2009                                                                                                      Basic Mechanical Engineering UNIT- I 1. (a) Give difference between Isothermal and hyperbolic process. Solve : (any two) (b) For reversible adiabatic process prove that P VY= C. (c)A...


CSVTU Exams Questions Papers – Ist Year – Applied Mathematics-I – April-May- 2009

BE (2nd Semester) Examination April/May, 2009                                                                                           Applied Mathematics-II UNIT-I 1. (a) State the De-Moiver’s theorem. (b) Find all the roots of the equation (i) cos z=2 (ii) tanh z=2 (c) Separate sin-1 (cos? + I...