Must Read Engineering Books and Study Materials to Ace Your Exams

Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems in the real world. While science allows us to gain an understanding of the World and the Universe, Engineering enables this understanding to come to life through problem-solving, designing and building things. In simple words, engineers identify a problem and come up with a solution … Read more

CVSTU Question Papers – BE II SEM – Professional Communication in English – Group P-1 – 2005

 BE (2nd Semester) Examination,2005 Language – Professional Communication in English                                                           Unit – I Q 1.      (a)      What are the different barriers in communication ? What steps can be taken to overcome                       the barriers? (b)       Describe the principles of making effective communication. (c)       What is a Grapevine communication? Mention its advantages and disadvantages … Read more

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