Syllabus of GTU Power Electronics 7th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Power Electronics 7th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication Engineering




Subject Name: Power Electronics

Subject Code: 171002


1. Power semiconductor devices:

Introduction, Power Diodes, Power BJT, Thyristor Characteristics, Two

Transistor model of Thyristor, Series and Parallel operation of Thyristors,

Power MOSFET, GTO, IGBT, SIT- Device Structures and Characteristics,

Handling precautions and power dissipation in all these devices, Turn ONTurn

OFF methods and Circuits, Protections, Ratings and applications,

Handling precautions and power dissipation in all these devices..


2. Controlled Rectifiers:

Controlled Rectifiers, Single phase power circuits, Three phase controlled

rectifier circuits, Analysis of Controlled Rectifiers with resistive and

inductive load and speed control of motors.


3. DC Chopper:

Introduction, Principle of operation, analysis with waveforms of Step-Down

and Step-Up choppers, buck, boost and buck-boost Converter. Chopper

classifications, Chopper control of motors


4. Invertors:

Principal of Operation of Pulse Width Modulated Inverters, Performance

Parameters, Single Phase and Three Phase Bridge Inverters.


5. Applications:

Uninterruptible Power Supply, Switched mode Power Supply, RF Heating,

Battery Charger.


Text/Reference Books:

1. Power Electronics – Circuit, Devices and Applications, M. Rashid, Pearson Education

2. Power Electronic, M.D. Singh and Khanchandani, Tata McGraw Hill Publications.

3. Power Electronics: Essential and Applications, L. Umanand, wiley India pvt.Ltd.

4. Power Electronics: Joseph Vithyathil , Tata McGraw Hill Publications

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