Syllabus of GTU Embedded Systems 7th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Embedded Systems 7th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication Engineering



Subject Name: Embedded Systems (Department Elective – I)

Subject Code: 171005


1. Introduction:

Embedded system and general purpose computers, Embedded system

components, Embedded System Design Process, Classification of an

embedded system, Examples of an embedded system, Applications of an

embedded system.


2. ARM Processor:

The Acorn RISC machine, Architectural inheritance, The ARM

programmer’s model, ARM development tools, ARM instruction set: Data

processing instructions, Data transfer instructions, Control flow

instructions, Conditional execution, ARM Condition codes, Software

interrupt (SWI), Multiply instructions, Writing simple assembly language

programs for ARM, 3-stage pipeline ARM organization, 5-stage pipeline

ARM organization, Understanding of ARM instruction execution,

Exceptions in ARM, Thumb programmer’s model and instruction set


3. Device and Communication Bus:

IO types and examples, Serial communication devices, Parallel Device

ports, Watch dog timer, Real time clock, Writing device drivers, Serial bus

communication protocols, Parallel communication using ISA, PCI, PCI-X

and advanced buses, Network protocols, Wireless and mobile system



4. Interprocess Communication and Synchronization of processes,

Thread and Task:

Multiple process and thread in application, Task and Task state, Task

control block, Task coding, Task scheduling, Semaphores, Semaphores

for synchronization, Data sharing and deadlocks, Inter process

communication, Sockets and remote procedure call.


5. RTOS:

Operating system service, Process management, Timer and Event

function, Memory management, Device , File and I/O subsystem

management, Interrupt routine in RTOS environment and handling of

interrupt service calls, Basic design using RTOS, RTOS task scheduling

models, Interrupt latency and response of tasks as performance metrics,

OS security issue.


Reference Books:

1. Embedded System: Architecture, Programming and Design by Rajkamal, TMH

2. ARM System on Chip Architecture by Steve Furber, Pearson Education

3. Computer as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design, Wayne Wolf, Morgan Kaufmann Publication

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