Syllabus of GTU Biomedical Instrumentation 7th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Biomedical Instrumentation 7th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication Engg.



Subject Name: Biomedical Instrumentation (Department Elective – I)

Subject Code: 171006


1. Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation:

The age of Biomedical Engineering, Development of Biomedical

Instrumentation, Biometrics, Introduction to the Man- instrument System,

Components of the Man- Instrument System, Physiological Systems of the Body.


2. Sources of Bioelectric Potentials:

Action and Resting Potential, Propagation of Action Potential, The

Bioelectric Potential.


3. Basic Transducers principles:

The Transducer and Transduction Principles, Active Transducer, Passive

Transducers, Transducers for Biomedical Application.


4. Electrodes:

Electrode Theory, Biopotential Electrode, Biochemical Transducer.


5. The Cardiovascular System:

The Heart and Cardiovascular System, The Heart, Blood Pressure,

Characteristic of Blood Flow, Heart Sounds.


6. Cardiovascular Measurement:

Electrocardiography, Blood Pressure, Blood Flow and Cardiac Output,

Plethysmography, Heart Sounds, Echocardiography , Colour Doppler


7. Bio Medical Equipment :

ECG, EMG, EEG, Pace Maker, Defibrillator, Heart lung Machine, Dialysis,

Diathermy Unit for surgery and therapy, LASER in Surgery, Equipment in

Intensive Care Unit, Robotic Surgical Equipments, Invasive Medical



8. Medical Imaging :

Principle Of Radiation, Components Of X-Ray System, Principle Of CT

Scan, USG, MRI, PET Scan.


9. Biotelemetry:

Introduction to Biotelemetry, Physiological parameters adaptable to

Biotelemetry, The Components of a Biotelemetry System, Implantable

Units, Application of Telemetry in Patient Care.


10. Electrical Hazards & Patient safety in Bio-medical equipments:

Significance of Electrical Danger, Physiological Effect of Electrical Current,

Ground Shock, Hazards and Methods of Accident Prevention.


11. Patient Monitoring system:

Heart Rate Measurement, Pulse Rate Measurement, Respiration Rate

Measurement, Blood Pressure Measurement, Microprocessor Applications

in Patient Monitoring.


Reference Books:

1. Biomedical Instrumentation And Measurements- By Leslie Cromwell

2. Human Physiology: The Mechanism Of Function By Vander, Sherman

3. Medical Instrumentation By John. G. Webster –John Wiley

4. Introduction To Biomedical Equipment Technology- By Carr & Brown

5. Handbook Of Biomedical Instrumentation By R. S. Khandpur

6. Biomedical Instrumentation By Dr. M. Arumugam, Anuradha

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