Syllabus of GTU Applied Electronics 5th Sem EC

Syllabus of GTU Applied Electronics 5th Sem EC


Electronics & Communication



Subject Name: Applied Electronics (Institute Elective-II)

Subject Code: 151006


1. Power Supplies:

Introduction, Ideal voltage and current source, Dependent sources, Power supply and

regulated power supply ICs (7805, 7812, 7905, 7912), Switched Mode Power Supply



2. Operational Amplifiers:

Ideal operational amplifier, Operational amplifier Stages, Operational amplifier

parameters, Equivalent circuit of op-amp, Ideal Voltage transfer Curve, Open-Loop

Op-amp configurations, Closed-Loop op-amp configurations.


3. 555 Timer Circuits:

Block diagram, Use as Astable multivibrator and monostable multivibrator.


4. Transducers:

Capacitive Transducer, Inductive Transducer, Linear Variable Differential

Transformer, Oscillation Transducer, Potentiometric transducer, Electrical strain

gauges, Resistance thermometer, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Piezoelectric

Transducer, Photoelectric transducer.


5. Optoelectronic Devices:

Photoconductive sensors, Photovoltaic sensors, Photoemissive sensors, Light

emitters, Liquid Crystal Display, Optocoupler.


6. Thyristors:

PNPN diode, SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier), Rectifier circuits using SCR , LASCR

(Light Activated SCR), TRIAC (Triode A.C. Switch), DIAC (Diode A.C. Switch ), UJT

(Unijunction Transistor).


7. Measuring Instruments:

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital multimeter, Measurement of R, L, C and Q,

Frequency counter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope .


8. Consumer Electronics:

Washing machines (Electronic Controller, Fuzzy logic machines and automatic

washing Machines), Audio systems, I-pods, RFID, Barcode Scanner and decoder,

Photocopier machines.


9. Digital Systems, Memories, Microprocessors and Microcontroller:

Logic Gates, Combinational Logic Designing, Karnaugh map representation of logical

functions, Some common combinational circuits, Sequential circuits, A/D and D/A

converter circuits, Introduction to semiconductor memories, Introduction to

microprocessors, Microcontroller: The 8051 architecture and applications such as

Temperature Controller, Elevators, Electronic voting machine etc.


Suggested List of Practical:

(I) Implementation and measurement of basic electronic circuits:


i. Zener Regulator circuit

ii. Opto-coupler (using LED and Photodiode)


b. Op-amp Circuits

i. Inverting and Noninverting Amplifier

ii. Summing Amplifier

iii. Saw-tooth waveform generator


c. Thyristor Circuits

i. SCR triggering technique

ii. UJT as a relaxation oscillator

iii. TRIAC firing using DIAC


d. 555 Timer Circuits

i. Astable multivibrator

ii. Monostable multivibrator


e. Digital Circuits

i. Basic Gates

ii. Half and Full Adder Circuits

iii. Decade counter using 74XX and displaying using seven segment display.


f. Seminar based on Microcontroller Applications in a group of 3 students is



Reference Books:

1. Electronic devices and circuits, S Salivahanans, N Kumar, A Vallavaraj, TMH publication.

2. Basic Electronics Devices, Circuits and its Fundamentals:Santiram KAL, PHI publication.

3. The 8051 Microcontroller & Embedded Systems using Assembly and C By K. J. Ayala, D.

V. Gadre (Cengage Learning , India Edition).


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