Syllabus of GTU Advanced Computer Networks 8th Sem IT

Syllabus of GTU Advanced Computer Networks 8th Sem IT







1. Optical Networking

Introduction to Optical Networking

SONET / SDH Standard



2. ATM: The WAN Protocol

Introducing ATM Technology

Introducing Faces of ATM

Explaining the basic concepts of ATM Networking

Exploring the B-ISDN reference model

Explaining the Physical Layer

Explaining the ATM Layer

Explaining the ATM Adaptation Layer

Exploring ATM Physical interface

Choosing an Appropriate ATM Public Service


3. Packet Switching Protocols

Introduction to Packet Switching

Introduction to Virtual Circuit Packet Switching

Introduction to X.25

Introducing switched multimegabit data service


4. Protocols and Interfaces in Upper Layers of TCP/IP

Introducing TCP/IP suite

Explaining Network Layer Protocols

Explaining Transport Layer Protocol

Explaining Application Layer Protocol


5. Routing in the Internet

Introduction to Intra-domain and inter-domain routings

Unicast Routing Protocols

Multicast Routing Protocols


6. Other Routing Techniques

Introduction to traffic Engineering

IP over ATM

Multiprotocol Label Switching

Storage Area Network


7. Network Management and Services

Introduction to Network Management

Standard Network Management Protocol


8. Traffic Engineering Basics

Introduction to traffic Engineering

Requirement Definition for Traffic Engineering

Traffic Sizing

Traffic Characteristics


Time and Delay Consideration


Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability

Throughput Calculation


9. Multimedia over Internet

Introduction to Multimedia Services

Explaining Transmission of Multimedia over the Internet

Explaining IP Multicasting

Explaining VOIP


10. Introduction to the Cisco IOS.

The Cisco Router User Interface

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Router and Switch Administrative Functions

Router Interfaces

Viewing, Saving, and Erasing Configurations


11. IP Routing.

Routing Basics

The IP Routing Process

Configuration IP Routing in Our Network


12. Dynamic Routing Protocols.

Routing Protocol Basics

Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)

Verifying Your Configurations


13. Layer 2 Switching.

Before Layer 2 Switching

Switching Services

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

LAN Switch-Types


Test Books:

1. Advance Computer Network, By Dayanand Ambawade, Dr. Deven shah, Prof. Mahendra Mehra, Wiley India

2. CCNA Intro – Study Guide – Todd Lammle, Sybex


Reference Books:

1. High-Speed Networks and Internets, Performance and Quality of Service, Second Edition, William Stallings, Pearson

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