NIT Jalandhar Signal Processing Syllabus

Signal Processing Syllabus NIT Jalandhar


Signal Processing


Introduction: Signals, Digital Signal Processing, Filters, Limitations of Analog Signal Processing, Advantages and Applications of Digital Signal Processing.

Discrete Signals and Systems: Discrete Signals, Operations on Discrete Signals, Decimation and
Interpolation, Common Discrete Signals, Discrete-Time Harmonics and Sinusoids, The Sampling Theorem, Discrete-Time Systems, Solving Difference Equations, Zero-Input Response and Zero-State Response, The Impulse Response, System Representation in Various Forms, Discrete Convolution, Stability and Causality of LTI Systems, System Response to Periodic Inputs, Periodic or Circular Convolution, Deconvolution, Discrete Correlation.

Frequency Domain Analysis: Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) from the z-Transform, Properties of DTFT, DTFT of Discrete-Time Periodic Signals, Inverse DTFT, System Analysis using the DTFT.

Filter Terminology and Characterization: Filter Response and Filter Characteristics (Gain, Phase Delay and Group Delay, Minimum-Phase), FIR Filters and Linear Phase, IIR Filters.

Digital Processing of Analog Signals: Ideal Sampling, Sampling, Interpolation and Signal Recovery, Sampling Rate Conversion, Quantization, Digital Processing of Analog Signals (Practical ADC Considerations, Anti-Aliasing Filter Considerations, Anti-Imaging Filter Considerations), Compact Disc Digital Audio, Dynamic Range Processors, Audio Equalizers, Digital Audio Effects, Digital Oscillators and DTMF Receivers.

The Discrete Fourier Transform and Its Applications: The DFT and its Properties, The DTFT and the DFT, The DFT of Periodic Signals and the DFS, The DFT of Nonperiodic Signals, Spectral Smoothing by Time Windows, Applications in Signal Processing, Spectrum Estimation, The Cepstrum and Homomorphic Filtering, Optimal Filtering, Matrix Formulation of the DFT and IDFT, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms, Concept of Decimation-in-Time and Decimation-in-Frequency, Fixed Point and Floating Point Representations, Effects of Coefficient Quantization, Effect of Round-off Noise in Digital Filters.

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