Sathyabama University Question Papers Transmission And Distribution BE Fifth Sem

Sathyabama University Question Papers

Transmission And Distribution BE Fifth Sem


1. Define single line diagram.2. State Kelvin’s law.
3. Define GMD.
4. Mentions the factors on which the corona effect depends.
5. What is surge impedance loading?
6. What do you mean by load compensation?
7. Draw the structure of a typical cable.
8. Define String Efficiency.
9. Define BIL.
10. What are arcing horns?

17. (a) Discuss briefly about the structure of oil filled cable with a
neat sketch. (5)
(b) A single core lead sheathed cable is graded by using 3
dielectrics of relative permittivity 5, 4, 3 respectively. The
conductor diameter is 2 cm and overall diameter is 8cm. If the 3
dielectrics are worked at the maximum stress of 40 KV/cm, find
the safe working voltage of the cable. What will be the safe
working voltage for an ungraded cable, assuming the same
conductor and overall diameter and the maximum dielectric
stress? (7)
18. An overhead transmission line conductor having parabolic
configuration weighs 1.925 kg per meter length, area of cross
section 2.2 and an ultimate strength of 8000 kg per
when erected between supports of 600 m apart and having 15m
difference in height. Determine the sag from the taller two
supports which must be allowed so that the factors of safety shall
be 5; the wire loaded due to 1 kg of ice per meter and no wind
19. Explain in detail about the lightning phenomena.
20. Write short notes on:
(a) Peterson coil
(b) Surge diverters

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