Sathyabama University Question Papers Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem

Sathyabama University Question Papers

Instrumentation Systems BE Fifth Sem

Answer All the Questions
1. Define Static Calibration.
2. List some of the errors in measurement systems.
3. Give the classification of sensors.
4. Define transducer
5. List the characteristics of d.c. amplifier.
6. List the methods used for A/D conversion.
7. What are the methods used for Data Transmission?
8. Compare PAC and PCM.
9. What are the advantages of Digital Instruments?
10. List some of the output devices.

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Discuss about the various types of errors in a measurement
system and how it can be rectified?
12. What are Zero, First and Second Order Instruments? Give
examples with their transfer functions and compare their
13. Explain about the bonded and unbounded types of strain gauges
with neat sketches.
14. Explain the principle of operation of LVDT with diagrams.
15. Derive the output expression of an Instrumentation Amplifier
with neat circuit List its advantages and applications.
16. What is successive approximation method of A/D conversion?
Explain with neat diagram.
17. Explain the Amplitude modulation and Frequency modulation
techniques with diagrams.
18. Explain the Time Division Multiplexing Technique of telemetry.
19. Explain the working principle of a Liquid Crystal Display with
neat sketch. List its advantages and limitations over LED’s.
20. Describe the operation of a Magnetic Tape Recorder with neat
diagram Compare this recorder with graphical recorders.

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