Sathyabama University Question Papers BE Integrated Circuits Fifth sem

Sathyabama University Question Papers

BE  Integrated Circuits Fifth sem

Answer All the Questions
1. What is ion implantation? Give its advantages.
2. What is meant by parasitic capacitance?
3. List six characteristics of op-amp.
4. How is the slew rate measured?
5. What is a precision diode?
6. Draw a sample and hold circuit.
7. List different types of comparator.
8. Why do we use higher order filters?
9. Which is greater, capture range or lock range?
10. How many resistors are required in a 12 bit weighted resistor

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Describe the epitaxial growth process.
12. Explain why inductors are difficult to fabricate in ICs.
13. Explain why active load is used.
14. Draw and explain the functional diagram of 555 timer.
15. Draw and explain the operation of an ac voltage follower having
very high input resistance.
16. Draw the circuit of a log amplifier using two op-amps and
explain its operation.
17. Explain the operating of a square wave generator by drawing the
capacitor and output voltage waveforms.
18. Explain the monostable multivibrator to generate pulses of
desired duration.
19. Draw the circuit of PLL AM detector and explain its operation.
20. Explain the operation of dual slope ADC.

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