Sathyabama University Previous Years Papers Transmission And Distribution BE Fifth Sem

Sathyabama University Previous Years Papers

Transmission And Distribution BE Fifth Sem

Answer All the Questions
1. Give the advantages of HVDC transmission system.
2. State the Kelvin’s law.
3. What do you mean by skin effect in transmission lines?
4. What is Transposition?
5. Define the regulation of the transmission lines.
6. What is shunt compensation?
7. Give the advantages of underground cables.
8. What is string efficiency?
9. What are the various supports used for overhead transmission?
10. Compare overhead and underground cables.

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Explain briefly about the generation, transmission and
distribution system of power using one line diagram.
12. Explain in details about operation of HVDC system and types of
DC links with neat sketch.
13. Derive the expression for inductance of a single phase two wire
lines with neat sketch.
14. Explain with neat sketch the Inductive interference with
neighbouring circuits of transmission lines.
15. Explain with neat circuit the compensation used in the
transmission lines.
16. Derive the expression for regulation for short lines by drawing
the equivalent circuit.
17. Explain with neat sketch the types of Underground cables.
18. Explain in detail the methods to improve the string efficiency of
the transmission lines.
19. Explain in detail about stringing chart with expressions.
20. With neat sketch explain Various types of line supports used for
overhead transmission system.

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