Sathyabama University Previous Years Question Papers Transmission And Distribution BE Fifth Sem

Sathyabama University Previous Years Question Papers

Transmission And  Distribution BE Fifth Sem

Answer ALL the Questions
1. Define single line diagram.
2. State Kelvin’s law.
3. Define GMD.
4. Mentions the factors on which the corona effect depends.
5. What is surge impedance loading?
6. What do you mean by load compensation?
7. Draw the structure of a typical cable.
8. Define String Efficiency.
9. Define BIL.
10. What are arcing horns?

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer ALL the Questions
11. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of HVDC and EHVAC
12. Mention the various types of bus bar arrangements. Explain the
double bus bar scheme with sectionalisation with the neat sketch.
What is the use of bus coupler?
13. (a) Derive the inductance of single phase two wire transmission
line. (4)
(b) Calculate the inductance/phase of the 3 phase transmission
line with conductors A, B, C placed in an equilateral triangle 1 m
of its sides. The radius of the conductor is 20mm. (8)
14. (a) Explain the phenomena of corona and the conditions affecting
corona loss. (5)
(b) A 3 phase OH line is being supported by 4 disc insulators.
The self capacitance is equal to 10 times the mutual capacitance.
Find (i) the voltage distribution across various units expressed as
a percentage of total voltage across the string and
(ii) String efficiency. (7)
15. A 200km long, 3 phase overhead line has a resistance of 48.7
ohm/phase, inductive reactance of 80.20 ohm/phase and
capacitance (line to neutral) 8.42nF/km. It supplies a load of 13.5
MW at a voltage of 132kV and power factor 0.86 lagging. Use
rigorous method and hence find the sending end voltage, current,
regulation and power angle.
16. Explain the procedural steps for constructing the receiving end
power circle diagram. Also explain how to determine the capacity
of phase modifier from the circle diagram.

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