Sathyabama University Exam Papers BE Power System Analysis Fifth sem

Sathyabama University Exam Papers BE

Power System Analysis Fifth sem

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer All the Questions
1. What are the various control flow structures?
2. Define Simulink applicable to Mat Lab.
3. Define Nodal analysis with example.
4. What do you mean by DFT and FFT sequence?
5. What are the characteristics of full wave rectifier?
6. What is the importance of Transfer function?
7. Differentiate the basic identifier and extended identifier.
8. Differentiate the concurrent and sequential signal assignment
9. Why are configurations needed?
10. Define the term attribute with an example.
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Explain with suitable example the basic data analysis.
12. Explain in detail the M-file function construction rules.

13. For the electrical system shown in figure-1. Assume that R1 =
1.5W, R2 = 1 MW, C1 = 0.75 μF and C2 = 0.2μF and the
capacitors are not changed initially and e0 (0) = 0 and e0 = 0.
a. Find the response e0(t)=6V (stop input) is applied to the
b. Plot the response curve e0 (t) versus t using Mat lab (write
14. With suitable example explain the Z, Y, H Two port networking
parameter analysis.
15. Distinguish the open loop and close loop transfer function with
suitable example.
16. Explain the following
(a) BJT
(c) Zener Diode.
17. Explain in detail the multiple drivers with an example.
18. Explain the structural model of a decade counter using j.k flipflops
19. Explain with example the various types of Subprograms.
20. What is generate statement? Explain the 4 bit full adder using
generate statement.

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