RTU Previous Year Question Papers BE First Year Computer Programming and IT Feb 2010

RTU Previous Year Question Papers BE First Year

Computer Programming and IT Feb 2010


Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 80

Min. Passing Marks : 24

Instructions to Candidates:

Attempt overall Five questions selecting one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks.

Unit -1

1. a) Define block diagram of computer system.

b) Explain various types of memory in detail.

c)   Explain low level, assembly and concept of High level programming languages briefly.


a) Explain briefly about compiler, assembler and interpreter.

b) Make a flowchart to find maximum number among 3 numbers.

Unit – II

2. a) Convert the following

i) (276.65)g to Decimal

ii) (1101110.1010)2 to Octal

iii) (FB9.EC)]6 to Octal

iv) (725.36)g to Binary

b) Write short notes on BCD, ASCIT and EBC.DIC codes.


a) Subtract 25910 from 79810 using, (r-l)’s complement method.

b) Subtract 11101012 from 100010102.

c) What is bit in computer technology? How many different patterns of bits are possible with

i) 6 bits

ii) 8 bits.

Unit – III

3. a) Explain structure of program in C language briefly.

b) Write a program that given (Inputted) number is prime or not.


a) Write a program to generate the following pattern.

b) Write a program to generate following pattern.


4. a) What is array? What are the advantages of array? Write a program to find maximum value from n values in array.

b) What is pointer? Discuss advantages of pointer.


a)  Explain call by value and call by address.

b)  Write some records of employee like name, address, age & salary in a file. Read that records from file again and display.                                                                                                             (8)

Unit – V

5. a) Define storage class in user define function.

b)  Write a program of reverse of a number using function.


Write a program that a number (i.e. 153) is Am strong number of not using user defined function return value.

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