RTU Previous Question Papers BE EC 5th Sem Linear Integrated Circuits December-2011

RTU Previous Question Papers BE EC 5th Semester

Linear Integrated Circuits December-2011


1.Draw the schematic diagram of non-inverting OP AMP with voltage series feedback; explain it and derive the expression for the

(i) voltage gain

(ii) Input Resistance

(iii) Output Resistance.


1. Explain the following applications of OPAMP :

(i) Voltage follower

(ii) Adder

(iii) Comparator

(iv) Inverting Amplifier


2 (a) Design a triangular wave generator using a comparator circuit with integrator circuit to generate a triangular wave of frequency 5 KHz., Assume peak to peak output voltage is 5V and (±Vsat) = (± 14 V).

(b) Design a R-C phase shift oscillator which gives the sinusoidal waveform of 600 Hz.


2 (a) Draw and explain with suitable diagram : Voltage to frequency converter.

(b) Explain the working of quadrature oscillator with suitable diagram.



3. (a)Draw and explain with suitable diagram First-order low pass Butterworth filter.

(b)Design a wide band pass filter with fL=500 Hz and fH = 2KHz, and a pass band again = 5 for both sections of filter. Also determine the value of Q for the filter.


(a). Write short note on “switched capacitor filter”.

(b) Design a narrow bandpass filter with a centre frequency fc = lKHz, Q = 5, Af = 8. Change the centre frequency to 2KHz, keeping AF and Bw constant.


4. Explain the operation of PLL with the help of block diagram.

Also explain linear model of second order PLL.


4    Briefly describe the role of PLL in the following

(i)  AM detector

(ii) Tracking filter


5 (a) Explain the ‘Tour quadrant Multiplier”.

(b) Design a 555 a stable multivibrator to generate an output pulse with a frequency fQ = 5KHz and a duty cycle of 60%. Given Vcc = 15V and Ic min = 1mA.


5. (a) In the schmitt trigger, RL = 100 q , R2 = 56 Kq , Vin = 2V peak to peak sine wave, and the power supply voltage – + 15 V. Determine the upper and lower threshold voltage, Vut and Vit. The maximum output voltage swing is ± 14 V.

(b) Write short note on Monostable multivibrator.

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