RTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Year Communication Techniques July 2011

RTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Year

Communication Techniques July 2011


Min. Passing Marks : 24

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 80

1. Attempt any four of the following Sections :


Section -A

Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense forms :

i) You can’t see Nidhi now; she———- (have) a bath.

ii) I won’t go out now as it———— (rain) and I————— (not have) an umbrella.

iii) As I———– (cross) the road, I———- (step) on a banana skin and—–— (fall) heavily.

iv) If only my friends————— — (be) here.

iv) When he came out of the shop he saw that somebody—— (take) away the bike.


Add suitable question tags :

i) Let us dance,————– ?

ii) Cuckoos don’t build nests,————- ?

iii) I am your cousin,—– —?

iv) This won’t take long,——— ?

v)  She ’ d have enjoyed it,———- ?

vi) He’ll hardly come now, ———————————— —?

vii) He used to come here daily——- ?

viii) Let me have a look,————– ?


Rewrite the following sentences using modals : (can, should, must, may)

i)    Am I permitted to come in, Sir?

ii)   It is the duty of a soldier to fight for his country.

iii)  It is compulsory for the candidates to attempt ail questions.

iv) She is able to drive a scooty.


Do as directed

i)    Apologize/she/will not/ is/she/proud/so/ that (Arrange the group of words to make a meaningful sentence.

ii)   The knife is useless as it is so——————– (use opposite of‘sharp’)

iii)    If you do not work hard, you will fail. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘unless’)

iv) He knows English. He knows sanskrit. (Join the sentences using ‘not only – but also’)


Put the following into passive voice:

i)    People have voted him out.

ii)   They were carrying the injured player off the field.

iii)  Why did you beat my brother?

iv) Please come here.


2. Attempt any four of the following sections:

Section – A

Use determiners in the blanks :

(the few, a few, her, the, a, either, each, some)

i)    I am    student of Mahatma Gandhi University.

ii)   I asked him for——————– money but he did not lend me any.

iii)  She was on—————— Knees, scrubbing———— Kitchen floor.

iv) Only —-— persons came to see the match.

v)  You may buy——————– of these two pens.

vi) ——–member of the party was garlanded.

vii)  He donated to the library——– books he had.

Section – B

Pick out the Adjectives in the following sentences :

i)    Every dog has his day.

ii)   A live ass is better than a dead lion.

iii)  He is a man of few words.

iv) What time is it?

v)  He died a glorious death.


Put the following sentences into Reported speech :

i) He said to me, “I know you and your sister”.

ii) The stranger said to me, “Why don’t you help me now?”

iii)“Tel 1 the truth”, said the judge to the witness.

iv) He said, “May God bless you with a son”.


Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (infinitive or ING form) :

i)  Would you mind (keep) quiet for sometime? I am trying (solve) the puzzle.

ii) Stop (write) and start (read).


Form Abstract Nouns from the following Adjectives :

i) long

ii) wise

iii) deep

iv)  brave.


3. Attempt any four of the following sections :

Section – A

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :

i)  He is afraid——- the dog. (from, about, of)

ii) I bought it———— fifteen rupees, (for, from, in)

iii) Do not cry——— spilt milk, (for, about, over)

iv) I have known him——– a long time (since, for, from)


Complete the following conditional sentences :

i) If you work hard,———- .

ii) If I were a bird,————— .

iii) If you had gone to Agra,——- .

iv) If my dad saw me here,——– .


Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of appropriate phrasal verbs : (look up, bring up, call on, break into)

i) The burglars————- the house last night.

ii) She———— the orphan as her own child.

iii)  He————- me yesterday.

iv)   ————– the word in the dictionary.



Choose the correct linking words :

i)    1 ran fast,———————- I missed the train (and, but, because)

ii)   Work hard——————- you may pass, (because, so that, if)

iii)  Take care—————– you should fall, (lest, because, or)

iv) Wait   1 come, (until, unless, if)


Underline the Relative clauses in the following sentences:

i)  The boy who sits near me is my cousin.

ii) People who eat too much die early.

iii) This is the boy whom I saw yesterday.

iv) Here is the book you want.


4.A) Write an essay of about 200 words on any one of the following topics :

i)  Fashion in college campus.

ii) Use of mobile phones.

iii) Teacher of Today.

B) As a press reporter, write a report on a train accident.


B) As an editor of your college magazine, write a report on the Inauguration of the new computer lab that has just been held in your college premises.


5.A) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper giving your views about the use of polythene bags by the people.


A)  Write a letter to the Mayor, Municipal Corporation of your city complaining about the insanitary conditions in your locality.

B)  Make a precis of the following passage :The drink of Asia for hundreds of years, tea is believed to have been brought to Europe by the Dutch. Today, from the remotest comers of Ladakh to Buckingham Palace, tea is synonymous with cheer. Though for tea drinkers the brew is addictive, the preferred method of preparation and taste differs from person to person and region to region. Today many varieties of tea and tea brands are available in the market. An innovation is the tea-bag that is easy, quick and less messy than traditional ways of brewing tea. Green tea is popular in China and the Far East. In Japan, the tea-ceremony is a traditional way of greeting guests and is a social occasion. Unlike the tea we are familiar with, green tea is not drunk with sugar or milk. It is an olive coloured liquid served in porcelain cups. Some scientists believe tea prevents tooth decay because it is a rich source of fluoride. Tea is also a folk remedy for stomach upsets, flu and diarrhoea. Research suggests that drinking tea reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

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