RTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Semester All Branches Semester English Feb 2011

RTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Semester

All Branches Semester English Feb 2011


1  (a) Attempt a summary of The Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry.

(b) What did Mrs. Myers tell Miss Jones about her fortune? Did the prediction come true?

(c) What does the nightingale have to actually do to make a red rose bloom?


1 (a) Narrate Mr. Macleary’s story from the day he thinks of Mrs. Myers to the day when his wife leaves him.

(b) Draw the character sketch of either Jim or Della.

(c) What does the nightingale symbolize in the story? Also name the writer of the aforesaid short story?


2 (a) Attempt a . summary of the short story The Accompanist’.

(b) Describe Dr. Heideggers study.

(c) Explain the meaning of the three different coloured stones set in the ring. What price did Sindhu ask for the third goat?


2 .(a) How did Sindhu. finally manage to marry the landowner’s daughter? Explain.

(b) Describe the scene at the time the son of the instrument maker went to deliver the instrument to Ustad Rahim Khan.

(c) Attempt a character sketch of widow Wycherly.


3 (a) Compare the characters of the speaker and the neighbor in the poem ‘Mending Wall’.

(b) Comment on the theme of the poem ‘Death the Leveller’.

(c) Why is sitting in a dentist’s chair both physical and mental torture? What is the effect of using the word ‘dental’?


3 .(a) Who are the ‘unruly hounds’ ? What is a ’quarry’ ? How can knowledge be compared to a quarry?

(b) Why is the tail of scorpion called diabolic? What do the last two lines tell you about the poet’s mother?

(c) What is the point of comparison between the mouth and the section of the road? How does this relate to your idea of the work of the dentist?


4 (a) Comment on the title of the play ‘The Dear Departed’. How does Mr. Abel Merryweather get the better of his daughters?

(b) Why does Wasserkopf want his money back? Which question does Wasserkopf answer well?

(c)  Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. White in ‘The Monkey’s Paw’.


4 (a) Compare and contrast the characters of Amelia and Elizabeth.

(b) Discuss the teachers’ plan to outsmart Wasserkopf. Describe how they implement the plan.

(c)  How does the monkey’s paw ruin the White family?


5 (a) ‘Some books are to be tasted, others to be Swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.’ – Explain.

(b) List the main ideas of the essay ‘Toasted English’.

(c)  Comment on the title ‘Third Thoughts’. Why did the narrator think of sending some amount of the profit to the dealer?


5 (a) Give the gist of the essay ‘Of Studies’.

(b) What would be the ‘Bharat brand of English’ be like? Mention some of the keywords evolved by Americans.

(c)  Match the words with their meanings :

destined felt proud
elated fated
extort cave
impulsive take out (money etc.)
cavern a group of trees
ebbed great happiness
ecstasy flow
grove Sentimental

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