RTM Nagpur University BE 1st SEM Basic Electrical Engineering Syllabus

RTM Nagpur University BE 1st SEM

Basic Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Unit – I: Electric Circuits (10Hrs)

EMF, Potential difference, current, power, Energy (Definition & Units SI), Ohms Law, types of sources (Current & Voltage), Ideal and Practical Sources (Independent Sources only), Source Conversion, Superposition theorem with DC source. Circuit element resistance, factors affecting resistance, series & parallel combination of resistances, Kirchhoff‟s Laws (KVL, KCL) statement & Numerical, star Delta transformation, Circuit Element Inductance, Self and Mutual Inductance, Circuit Element Capacitance.

Unit – II: Magnetic Circuits (8Hrs)
Types of Magnetic Materials, flux, flux density, flux intensity, MMF, reluctance, permanence, permeability, analogous electric circuit, calculation for composite magnetic circuit, concept of leakage flux and fringing, B-H curve, phenomena of magnetic hysteresis.

Unit – III: AC Circuits (12Hrs)
Generation of single phase voltage, average and RMS value for sinusoidal waveform, periodic function, phasor representation of sinusoidal electrical quantities, steady state behavior of RLC circuit with excitation, reactance, impedance, power and energy in AC circuit, simple numerical on series and parallel AC circuit, concept and importance of power factor, resonance in series circuits. Principal of Generation of three phase voltage, Phase sequence, Star & Delta Connected three phase system, Voltage, Current & Power relations for Balanced three phase system only (With numericals).

Unit – IV :Single Phase Transformer (10Hrs)
Basic construction of Transformer (core & shell type), Principle of operation, EMF equation, Transformer ratings, No load & On load operation with leakage reactance, losses, efficiency, Definition & formula for voltage regulation, OC & SC test, equivalent circuit of the Transformer.

Books Recommended:

1) Basic Electrical Engineering: D.C. Kulshreshtha,Revised 1st edition, Tata Mc-Graw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.
2) A Text Book of Electrical Technology: B. L. Thareja and A. K. Thareja, S. Chand Publication (Volume I, II & III).
3) Generation of Electrical Energy:B. R. Gupta 4th Edition, S Chand Publication
4) Art & Science of Utilization of Electrical Energy: H. Pratab, Third Edition, Dhanpat Rai and Sons.
5) Electric Circuits & Network: K. Suresh Kumar, Pearson Publication.

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