RGPV Material Science and engineering materials exam paper June 2011

RGPV Material Science and engineering materials exam paper June 2011

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2011

(Comman for AU,IM,IP&ME Engg. Branch)



Note:    (i)     Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1.           (a)    What is Bravais Lattice ? Explain

(b)   What do you mean by (i) Coordination number (ii) Atomic packing factor ? Calculate atomic

packing factor for BCC, FCC and cubic structure.


(a)    What do you mean by acid, basic and neutral refectories?

(b)    Describe the various manufacturing processes of steel.

2.           (a)    What is crystal imperfection ? Discuss various line defects in a crystal structure.

(b)    Differentiate between deformation by slip and twining.


(a)    What sort of effects hot working produce on mechanism properties of steel? Explain

(b)    Explain the following –

(i)     Recovery

(ii)    Recrystallization

(iii)    Grain growth phenomenon

3.            (a)    What is phase ? Describe various inter-metallic compounds in iron carbon system.

(b)   Explain the following-

(i)    Eutectic reaction (ii) Pertitectic reaction (iii) Eutectoid’ reaction


Explain with neat sketch iron carbon equilibrium diagram . How is it affected by treatment

process ?

4.             What is Eutectoid TTT diagram of steel? Explain various steps of TTT diagram.

(a)   What is tempering? Why tempering is needed after hardening process? Explain

(b)   What are the objects of annealing? Explain various case hardening processes of steel.

5.            Explain any four of the following –

(i)   Fatigue

(ii)  Creep and stages of creep

(iii) Alloy of Cu-A1

(iv) Elastomers and their application

(v)  Various powder metallurgy techniques

(vii)  Alloys of steel

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