RGPV Question Papers Material Science and Engineering Materials BE ME 4th Sem Dec 2005

RGPV Question Papers

Material Science and Engineering Materials BE ME 4th Sem Dec 2005


Note:    Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks. Different parts of the same

question should be attempted in continuation.

1 (a) What is meant by the term, refectory? Describe its properties. Explain the differences between acid, basic neutral refractories.

(b) What do you understanding by the term ‘Crystal Lattice’ and how many types of this are found in  me metals? Explain ‘Miller’ indices for denoting crystal planes. Draw the following plans and direction in an FFC structure

(i) [321], (ii) [102] (iii) [201] (iv) [111]


2(a) What is meant by crystal deformation? Classify them in order of their geometry.

What is Burger’s vector? Where and why this used?

(b) What is strain hardening? Explain the change in propites when a severely cold work metal

is  annealed at successively higher temperatures.


3 (a) Explain the difference between slipping and twinning. How does twinning occur in metals?

Nam and explain two types of twins.

(b)  Compare elastic and plastic materials when they are subjected to tensile loads. Explain the

mechanism for dislocation in plastic deformation, with neat sketches.


4 (a)  Explain the following:

(i) Hume- Rothery’s rules   (ii)  Gibb’s phase rule

(b)      Describe the working of iron – carbon diagram with the help of neat sketches.


5 (a)  Describe the process of austenite decomposition of alloyed steel with the help of TIT diagrams.

(b) Why are metals heat- treated? Explain the operation and consequent effect on metals due to annealing, normalizing amd tempering.


6 (a)   What are the difference types of fractures in metals. What is creep? Draw the typical creep curve and explain the different stage of creep.

(b) Distinguish between thermosetting plastic.  Name the different plastic moulding process anindexplain any one of them.


7. (a)    Explain either the process of manufacturing wrought iron. Or the process of converting the pig  iron into steel.

(b) Explain the process of decomposition of austenite into pearlite, fearlite, cementile, bainite,

martensite, and retaind austenite. Compare their properties and structures.


8.  Write explanatory notes on any four of the following:

(i)  Metallurgical coke- manufacture and uses

(ii)  Fatigue failure

(iii) Calculation of atomic packing factor (APF) of BBC structure.

(iv)  Precipitation hardening process

(iv) Fiber reinforced plastic and their uses.

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