RGPV Previous Exam Papers BE Electromagnetic Theory 4th Sem Dec 2003

RGPV Previous Exam Papers BE

Electromagnetic Theory 4th Sem Dec 2003

Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1   (a) Give physical singifitions of curl, divergence and gradient of vector.

(b) State and explain divergence theorem.

2.  (a) Obtain general solution of Laplace’s equation .

(b) State and prove Stake’s theorem

3.  (a)   State Faradays  law and hence derive Maxwell’s equation in integral form.

(b) What is uniform plane wave? Show that for such a wave, the electric fields has no component

Along the directions of propagation.

4   (a) what do you mean by displacement current? Give it signification.

(b) Proved that the intrinsic impedance Offered by free space is 120 ?.

5   (a) State Maxwell’s equation in differential from and explain their physical signification.

(b) Driven an expression for the potential at a point outside a hollow sphere having a uniform charge


6   (a) State and prove the boundary conditions to be satisfied by electric filed.

(b)  Find the magnetic vector potential at points remodel from short length wire carrying an

alternative current.

7   (a) Prove that the maximum effective aperture of a linear half wave antenna is given by 0.13 (wave

length) 2.

(b) Explain the following:

(i) Magnetic vector potential       (ii) Skin depth

8      Write short notes of any three of the following:

(i)  Ampere’s law    (ii) Pointing vector       (iii) Reflection of uniform plain waves

(iv) Continuity equation.

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