RGPV Exam Papers Be Object Oriented Technology Iv Sem June 2009

 RGPV Exam Papers

Be Object Oriented Technology Iv Sem June 2009

Note:      Attempt one questions from each unit . All question carry equal marks. Answer should be brief

and to the point.

1. (a)      What type of obstruction is employed in (i) procedure (ii) object oriented programming ?

(b)      Model  a mobile phone as a class.

(c)      Explain the structure of an object oriented c++ program.

2. (a)     Compare procedural programming with object oriented programming for what type of

application is the procedural programming suitable and for what type of application is the OOP

suitable ? justify your answer.

(b)    When is an object created and what is its lifetime ?

3. (a)   What is the difference between association aggregation and inheritance relationship ?

(b)   What is the purpose of class diagram ? describe icons used for class relationships. How we can

Use object of software modules ?

4. (a)   Write code, including class declarations and methods to implement one-to-many association

Which is traversed in the direction from one-to-many. The association is considered unordered.

Use any object oriented programming languages.

(b)    How we can represent objects.?

5  (a)   Design there class student, exam and result, where result is inherited from exam and exam in

inherited from student. Write possible constructors to initialize the value. Write a main function

to test the constructor execution  by creating objects.

(b)  What the method overloading? What are the important point which should we taken care of

while overloading methods ?

6.  (a)   What is operators overloading ? Write a distance class with data members for distance in meters,

Centimeters and millimeters. The class must be having overloaded operators + and – for addition

And subtraction respectively.

(b)   What are abstract classes? Explain their use.

7.  (a)   Write a C++ program to read from to 2 files simultaneously.

(b)   What is a container class? Describe its use with the help of a C++ program.

8   (a)   Write a program to create a file called emp.dat with employee number, name .BP, deduction and

Allowances as record fields. Open a file, read the record, calculates the salary and writes it back to

The same file.

(b)   What is the function supported by file stream classes of performing I/O operations?

9    (a)   what is method overloading? What are the important points which should be taken care of

While overloading method? Write a java/C++ program to explain the working of overloaded


(b)  Write a java/C++ program to throw user defined exceptions.

10. (a)   Give the syntax of function template. Write a template function for sorting. Write a test

Program to illustrate its use.

(b)   What is nested class? How does it differ from local class?

Created a date as a nested class of student qualifier class and do the manipulation of reading

Printing the date of birth and date of joining of a student.

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