RGPV Question Papers Engineering Graphics 2nd Sem Dec 2010

   RGPV Question Papers

Engineering Graphics 2nd Sem Dec 2010


Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting one question from each


. All questions carry equal marks,


1- (a) Construct a scale to be used with a map, the scale of which is 1 cm = 40 m. The scale should read in metres and maximum up to 500 m. Mark a distance of 456 m on it.

(b) A wheel 50 mm dia, rolls on a straight road surface without slip. Trace the path of point of contact for one complete revolution of the wheel,


2. (a) A rectangular plot of land of area 16 sq. jn is represented on a map by a similar rectangle of 1 square centimeter. Calculate the R, E of scale and construct plain scale to read metres and long enough. to measure upto 60 m.

(b) A ball thrown from the ground level reaches a maximum height of 5 m and travels a horizontal distance of 11 m from the point of projection, Trace the path of the ball.

Unit -II

  1. The distance between the projectors of two ends of a straight line is 40 mm. One end is 15 mm above H.P and 10 mm in front of the VT„ The other end is 40 mm above H.P. and 40 mm in front of V.P, Find the true length and true inclination of the line,


  1. A line AB is inclined at 40° to H,P. It’s one end A is 25 mm above H.P, and 30 mm in front of V,P, The top veiw of the line is 70 mm and is inclined at 30° to xy. Draw the projections of the line and determine its true length and inclination with VP,
  1. (a) Draw the projections of a circle 60 mm dia resting on

VP. on a point on the circumference. The plane is inclined at 45° to VP. and perpendicular to HP The centre of the plane is 30 m above H,P.

(b) A square pyramid of side of base 30 mm and axis 50 mm long is freely suspended from a comer of its base. Draw its projections.


  1. (a) A regular hexagonal plate of 45 mm side has a corner on H.P. and it’s surface is inclined at 45° to H,P, Drav the projections when the diagonal through the corner which is on H.P. makes 30° with the V.P

(b) Draw the projection of a cone of base 50 mm dia. Ad altitude 60 mm lying on one of its generation on H.P. when the top view of the axis make an angle of 30o  with xy.

(a) A hexagonal pyramid, side of base 30 mm and axis 60 mm long rests with its base on H P and one of the edges of its base is parallel to V.P. he it is a cut by a horizontal section plane at a section of 30 mm above the base. Draw the front and sectional types view.

(b) A cylinder of  45 mm base dia. And 55 mm long axis rests with its base on H.P. It is a cut choice by a plane perpendicular to V.P. and inclined at 60o to H.P. passes through point on the axis 12 mm from its top.  Draw the top and view development of lateral surface of the truncated cone.


8. (a) A cylinder 50 mm dia. And 70 mm long is testing on H.P. with its axis inclined at A section plane inched  through the axis at 30o to H.P. parellal V.P. a section plane inclined at 45o to V.P. pasess through the axis at 25 mm from one end of ot. Draw the project of cur solid.

(b)  A pentagonal pyramid side of base 30 mm and height 52 mm stands with its base on its H.P. and on edge of the base  in parallel

perpendicular to VP. and inclined at 40o to H.P. and passing through a point 30 mm above the base. Draw the development of the surface of the truncated pyramid.

9. a cone of base diameter 50 mm and axis 60 mm rests with its base on RE A section plane perpendicular to V.P, and Inclined at .30“ to HP, passes through the axis at a distance of 25 mm above base. Draw the isometric projections of the truncated cone.


10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of CAD ?

(b)       Explain the following commands in brief :

(i)                                Move

(ii)                              Array

(iii)                 Chamfer

(iv)                            Hatch

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