RGPV Question Papers BE Object Oriented Programming Methodology 3rd Sem Dec 2004

RGPV Question Papers BE

Object Oriented Programming Methodology 3rd Sem Dec 2004

Note:      Attempt one question from each unit. All question carry equal marks.

1  (a)      What are the different static features of object oriented programming ? Explain .

(b)      What are the different dynamic  features of oriented  programming ?  Explain .

©       What do you understand by dynamic and automatic variables ? Explain .

2 (a)     What are the different forms of inheritance? Explain .

(b)     What are the benefits of inheritance?

3. (a)    Explain why is statically typed objected oriented languages it is  illegal to assign a value from a

class to a variable declared as an instance o far subclass.

(b)    Whether there will be a complier error massage ? If any explain:

Text Window  X;

Window why :




©    What difference between active and passive state of objects ?

4   (a) Is operator overloading good or bad comments ?

(b)   Overload the = = to compare two strings . Write program .

©    State whether the statement is true or false with complete  explanation “Argument, when passed

by reference results in a call to the constructor “ .

5   (a) How can base class protect derived classes so that changes to the base class will not affect them ?

Explain with example .

(b)   In what respect are protected and private data member different ?

6   (a)  Explain the significance of campership .Differentiate  between derivation and containership with

respect to the relation governing inheritance in booth cases .

(b)  What do understanding by aggregation ?

7  (a)  What are difference kind of relationship among classes ? Explain .

(b)  Explain the term polymorphism in object oriented concept with example.

8        Write short notes on any  two of the following :

(a)  Multiple inheritance

(b) Parameter  Passing in C++

© Recursive Association

(d) Abstract classes


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