RGPV Question Papers Electronics Circuits 4th Sem Dec 2010

RGPV Question Papers

Electronics Circuits 4th Sem Dec 2010


Note Attempt one question from each Unit.

All questions carry equal marks. Assume data if missing.


Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Discuss the h-parameter analysis of common collector configuration of transistor at low frequency.

(b) What is Miller capacitance ? Discuss its effect on voltage gain.

2. Discuss the merits of negative feedback.

(b) Analyse the gain, input-output impedance and bandwidth of a voltage shunt feedback amplifier.

3. What is the condition of sustained oscillations ? Explain RC phase shift oscillator.


(b) Explain the working of Wien’s bridge oscillator.

4. (a) Explain the working of class A amplifier. Determine the efficiency transmission.

(b) What is cross over distortion ? How it could be reduced ?

Q.5 What are tuned amplifiers? Discuss it with respect to selectivity and bandwidth.

(b) Discuss the difference between synchronous and stagger


6. (a) Discuss the effect on gain, impedance and bandwidth due to


(b) Explain different bootstrapping techniques.

7. Discuss the working of Darlington amplifier.


(b) Explain the working principle of Schmitt trigger.

8. Write short notes on any two of the following –

Op-amp. as integrator

Precision rectifier

Log amplifier.

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