RGPV Question Papers Advance Communication System June 2012

RGPV Question Papers

Advance Communication System June 2012


Note : Attempt one question from each Unit. All questions carry equal marks.

Unit — 1

1- (a) Discuss the utility of a channel coding. How- does it affect the Bandwidth efficiency of the channel ?

(b) Explain frequency domain coding of speech Or

(a) Explain “IVellis coded modulation.

(b) Explain the working of linear predictive coders.


(a) Explain the principle of working of OFDM.

(b) Discuss the principle of operation of smart antennas.


(a) Explain what is multicarrier code division multiple access,

(b) What is adaptive modulation and how does it affect the capacity ?


(a) Discuss about the types of GSM channel.

(b) Discuss about the frequency and channel specifications of CDMA IS-95 standards.


(a) With the help of a block diagram explain reverse CDMA channel.

(b) How is the connection established and handover done in GSM system ?


(a) How is speech coding done in WCDMA ?

(1)) Discuss about the inter modulation technique.


(a) What is time delay spread in cellular system ?

(b) Discuss about the angle spread with antenna height and also discuss its applications.

Unit —V

(a) How is multiuser detection done in CDMA ?

(b) Compare link capacities versus call drops between GSM and CDMA.


Write short notes on the following :

Wavelet representation

WLL system

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