RGPV Question Papers Electronic Circuit 4th Sem June 2010

RGPV Question Papers

Electronic Circuit 4th Sem June 2010


Q.1: (a)Explain Self Biased Circuit with suitable example and also calculate the Stability
(b)What do you mean by Q-Point And Load Line? Explain with suitable example?[10]
Q.2:(a)What do you mean by H-parameter? Calculate current gain ,Voltage gain and input impedance?[10]
(b)Explain working of transistor at high frequency? [10]
Q.3 (a)Define the effect of negative feedback on gain?[10]
(b)Explain the working of RC-Phase Shift Oscillator?[10]
Q.4: (a) Differentiate between positive and negative feedback?[5]
(b)Explain the condition for sustained oscillation?[5]
(c)Explain the working of Wein Bridge Oscillator?[10]
Q.5:(a)Explain the working of Push-Pull Amplifier? Also calculate the formula for efficiency?[10]
(b)Explain the working of Transformer Coupled Amplifier?[10]
Q.6: (a) What do you mean by Tuned Amplifier? Also write its application in short?[10]
(b) Explain the working of Complementary Symmetry Amplifier?[10]

Q.7: (a)What is the effect of cascading on Bandwidth? [10]
(b) Explain the working of direct Coupled Amplifier?[10]
Q.8: (a) Write short note on Bootstrapping circuit?[10]
(b) Write short note on Constant Current source and Current Mirror circuit?[10]

Q.9:(a)What is Operational-Amplifiers? Also write down the characteristics of ideal OP- AMP? [10] (b)What are the important parameters of an Operational-Amplifier? Explain each parameter in detail?[10]
Q.10(a)Write short notes on: (Any 3) [15]
(i) Logarithmic Amplifiers
(ii) Instrument Amplifiers
(iii) Function Generators
(iv) Square Wave generators
(v) Integrator or Differentiator .
(b)Sketch the circuit of summing amplifier using OP-AMP[5]
Vout = -V1+2V2-3V3

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