CSVTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Semester Professional Communication in English May 2010

 CSVTU Previous Question Papers BE 1st Semester

Professional Communication in English

Examination April-May 2010


All questions carry equal marks. Part (a) is compulsory from eac Unit.

Attempt any two parts from (b), (c) and (d). Both (a) and (b) parts are compulsory in Question No. 3.


Q. 1 (a) What is an organization set up? Describe with a neat diagram. What do you understand

by Barriers in Communication ? Discuss any five of them.

(b) Discuss non-verbal communication and explain different types of the same.

(c) Discuss the ways one can make the communication effective.


Q. 2, (a) How would you define a report?

(b)Write a letter of placing an order for furniture to Shanti Furniture,

Subhash Marge, New Delhi for the following items

Sr. No. Description                                       Quantity

1         Office Chairs                                         5

2         Office Tables                                         5

3         Computer Tables                                4

4     Steel Elmira                                             10

(c )What are the different parts of letter writing? Discuss any five of them in detail.

(d) What is report writing? Describe various elements of formal report.


Q. 3. (a) Give basic purposes of reading.

(b) Do as directed :

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentences :

(a)Bread and butter (is, are) their greatest need now.

(b)Neither the Principal nor the teachers (agrees agree) to it.

(c )Alisha or his brother (is, are) sure to be at home.

(c )Change the voice of the following :

(a)People speak English all over the world.

(b)My bag has been stolen.

(c )She has been invited, to the party.

(d)Put the appropriate preposition

(a)He was killed______the robber

(b)_________ a pistol.

( c ) He sat______my side and winked at me.

(d) He promised to return my money_______a day.

(e)Correct the following sentences

(i) He bought two dozen mangoes.

(ii) He met with his mother.

(iii)He draws a- less salary.

(f)Give synonym of following

(a) Gaiety

(b) Ensure

(g) Give antonym of following

(a) Virtue


                     Unit – IV

 Q. 4. (a) Briefly explain the negotiation tactics.

(b) Describe ‘Notice’, ‘Agenda’ and ‘Minutes’ of a meeting.

(c )What is audio-visual presentation? What precautions should be taken while using

audio-visual aids ?

(d)What points are to be kept in mind while , preparing for a job-interview ?


Q. 5. (a) What is video-conferencing?

(b)Write down the barriers to active listening.

(c )Why is a good telephone technique so important? What are the Do’s and Dont’s

of telephonic communication.?

(d)Write short notes on :

(i)Answering machine

(ii)Difference between listening & hearing

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