RGPV Previous Year Question Papers Database Management System June 2006

RGPV Previous Year Question Papers

Database Management System June 2006 


Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1. (a)  List and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using the DBMS Approach .

(b) Describe the generalized architecture of a database system.

2. (a) Describe about various components of E-0R diagram .Construct an E-R diagram of a car insurance

company  that has a set of customer each of whom owns or more cars . Each car has associate with

it 0 to any of number recorded accidents. Construct appropriate tables for the same.

3. (a) What are the difference types of integrity constraints ?  Explain by given suitable examples.

(b) Differentiate the following :

(i) Specialization hierarchy and specialization lattice.

(ii)  Disjoint and overlapping design constraint

4. (a)  What are the various types of inner join operation ? Why theta join is required ? Explain by given

proper examples.

(b)  Show how the following relation algebra operation are specified in tuple  and domain relation

calculus :

(i)σ= c (R(A,B,C,))    (ii) R(A,B,C)* S(S,D,E)      (iii) R(A,B) S(A)   (iv) R (A,B,C) – S(A,B,C)

(v) R(A,B,C)  S(A,B,C)

5. (a) For the relations PROJECT, EMPLOYEE and ASSGIN- TO database, express the following queries of


PROJECT (project project name, Chief- incharge)

EMPLOYEE (EmP#Empname)

Assign (Project#Emp#)

(i) Get details of employees working all projects.

(ii) Get employee number of employees who work on at least all those project that employee 107

works on .

(iii) Get the name and employees who are not assigned any projects.

(iv) Get all pairs of employee number such that the two employees are working on the same project.

(v)  Get the employee names of all employee who work on project p7.

(b)  What are the inference rules of functional dependencies ?

6. (a) What is BCNF? How does it from 3NF? Consider the relation schema R(ABC) with FDSAB→C and

c→A. show that the schema is in 3NF but not in BCNF.

(b) Determine all 4NF violations for the relation schema R(X,Y,Z,W) with the multivalved dependencies

X→→Y and Y→→Z.

7.  (a) Given the relation R(ABCDE) with FDs :


What are the join dependencies of R ? Given the losses decomposition of R.

(b) What are various concurrency control techniques ? Explain .

8.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

(i) Oracle  tools    (ii) Serializability    (iii) Tuple calculus    (iv)  Distributed database

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