RGPV Previous Exam Papers CS 4th Semester Object Oriented Technology Dec 2009

RGPV Previous Exam Papers CS 4th Semester

Object Oriented Technology Dec 2009

(Computer Science Engg. Branch)


(i) Attempt one questions from each unit .

Thus attempt five question in all .

(ii)  All the carry equal marks. Each Unit carries an internal choice .

(iii) Assume suitable data whenever necessary.

1(a) Write the feature of procedure oriented, object base and object oriented language separately .

Also write the merits and demerits of each.

(b)   What is dynamic initialization of object? Why is it needed? How is it accomplished in C++?



2.  (a) What are elements of OOPs ? How do these make OOPs approach best suited to address real

world problems?

(b) Discuss life time and visibility of the following :

(i) External objects

(ii) Automatic objects

(iii) Static object

3. (a)  What is the purpose of class diagram ? Describe icons used for relationship. How we can use

objects as software modules ?

(b)  Explain the meaning of aggregates components of objects with example.

4. Explain the following by giving suitable example :

(i) Association between objects   (ii) Relationship among classes

(iii) Types of aggregation               (iv) properties of aggregation

5. (a)  What is inheritance? What are different leaves of inheritance? Discuses the role of inheritance in

reusability of software.

(b) What is operator overloading? Write a distance class with data members for distance in meters ,

Centimeters and millimeters. The class must be having overloaded operators +and – for addition

and subtraction respectively .

6. (a) What is polymorphism ? List the pros and cons of using  polymorphism in object oriented Programming.

(b)     Define the following terms and give an example to show its realization in C++ :

(i)  Encapsulation   (ii)  Class variable and class functions

(iii)  Replaced inheritance   (iv) Overloading

7. (a)  Write a program to display only those lines of a file that start with ‘’/*”.

(b)    What is container class ? Describe its uses with the help of a C++ program.

8. (a)  Explain the following by giving suitable example:

(i) Disinheritance  (ii) Containership   (iii) Persistent objects.

(b)   How does the modifier ‘Final’ affect the behavior of the following ?

(i) Data member of a class   (ii) Method of a class  (iii) Class itself .

9. (a)   Discuss the different levels of access protection including for packages available in java.

(b)     List major differences in C++ and java programming language in terms of the following :

(i) Program structure  (ii) Complication    (iii) Run time

10.(a)   Write a short on packages. Explain how a predefined package is used in the program.

(b)       What are the various ways of handling exception ? Which one is the best ? How can be exception be handled in java and C++? Explain

(c) Define the following :

(i) Extending interface   (ii) Implementing interface

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